New Book for fighting K-side flank defenses(e.g., King's Indian, Dutch)


I'm a little slow to making announcements on this, but I recently published a new book for White usable by anyone who plays a traditional 1.d4 repertoire (either 2.c4 or 2.Nf3).

The book provides a cohesive system for fighting the K-side flank systems, basically anything involving an early ...f5, ...g6, or ...d6 (even if ...d6 is not followed by ...g6, I had to include it so White wasn't lost after 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 d6).

For those who use Zuke 'Em, this book essentially covers every defense not covered in that book, but the system can also be integrated into a QG repertoire.


I have all of David's books and highly recommemd them. His systems are rich with possibilities and easy to read and follow.


And don't be put off by the garish covers (if you are the kind of person who is put off by garish covers)!


Hey now, I like the covers :)