New (& cheaper) DGT e-board




There's that word again... and while on a basic, logical, Spockian level that is true, I'm glad that I live in a world where I can have a fancy cell phone if I "want" it, a set of PING golf clubs, an automobile that will go 125mph, a house with an extra bedroom and bathroom, and 15 sets of chess pieces all of which are better than the Gallant Knight set I learned on in the mid-60's.  I don't "need" any of that either (or "deserve" any of it either). 


And for the record, I don't "want" a DGT board.  But I'd get one if I did.  Best to you all.


This is a discussion forum about Chess books and,...EQUIPMENT.

The arrogant Dutch poster is quick to tell us that unless we are a chess professional we do not deserve to buy a specific piece of Chess equipment.

Well, I suggest he quit coming to this forum since he apparently does not want to discuss Chess equipment that we Chess players of all levels want to consider buying and even discuss.

Also, I wonder what the DGT company thinks of this guy's attitude.  I am sure they are happy for people to buy their products no matter what their rating.

I have some friends that are avid golfers.  A few of them own Ping golf clubs.  And only one of them is a really good golfer.

I owned a DGT electonic board and set about 10 years ago.  I used it to play on the internet with.  It provided me a real 3D, over the board, experience for internet play.  A friend of mine had started a Chess club in the Chicago area where he was providing some title norm, FIDE tournaments.  He was working to get a number of DGT boards to use on his top boards in these tournaments.  I relented and sold him mine.

Yeah, I don't need 4 Chess sets made and sold by Noj, but I do.  I don't need to own and use over 30 wood chess sets, but I do.  I don't need to own and use a number of the best chess clocks made anywhere, you know Chronos and V-Tek clocks, but I do.

Of course our arrogant Dutch poster is happy to discourage most all of us from buying the DGT electronic boards, while being happy to have us buy the 2nd rate quality DGT 3000.

Well, the good news is that we are free on this forum to not only discuss and consider Chess equipment, but we also are free to buy and use the stuff.


The DGT e-board is a bit pricey compared to the standard $20 tournament set, but expensive is relative.  For example, I used to do some local motorcycle racing and my budget was $15k/yr not including the motorcycles.  That was a hobby.  Chess is an incredibly cheap hobby compared to that.


We used to use the DGT e-board to record OTB games (now we use my e-board because it is a bit more convenient), and I'd reward my son if he makes no mistakes or blunders.  Once a while, we'll have an interesting game and are glad to have it recorded.


I think everybody can benefit from having their OTB games recorded; not just the tournament games where you naturally keep score, but all the games... because you'll never know when an interesting game pops up !!






Stauntonmaster a écrit :

Ventudius is right! DGT is for professional players. DGT bluetooth e-board is God’s gift to all mortals.

And our good old Troll is back again to support another Troll !


Well now we know he was wrong for sure.

mgx9600 wrote:

That's one of the things that makes DGT e-boards expensive to use (cost of ownership WRT replacement pieces).


I'm currently working on an e-board that will work with _ANY_ chessmen (all wooden, all plastic, etc.) with natural movement.


It is actually looking pretty good; was able to solve a problem a technical issue that I thought was too difficult. Unlike my other e-boards (which has various restrictions on pieces and/or board), this e-board can use _ANY_ chessmen.


If I get some time, I'll put up a demo video.


I would like to purchase one of your boards if you solve all the bugs and decide to sell them for a good price. You are a genius my friend!


@ Eyechess


Good luck hooking up your crude and primitive chess clock to your e-board, you need a DGT XL or a DGT3000. If you think Chronos et al are better because they have metal housing then you're wrong. Unless you're planning on hitting your clock with a hammer (don't hit your Chronos with a hammer btw, it will break!). I already told you that DGT basically built the same clock as Chronos and Vtek way back in the 80's. DGT's rocker design is superior in every way, particularly when playing rapid and blitz. Their revolutionary design is what earned them a contract with FIDE in the early 90's. DGT is pushing the bounderies in that respect to make our chess experience better.


Now concerning the e-boards, I'll admit I was a bit condescending yesterday and apologize for that. I'm not saying you can't own a DGT e-board because it's too expensive, I'm saying you shouldn't own one because it's overkill, and makes you look a bit silly to be honest when you're an average player. I'd say you at least have to be an IM to justify owning one. Now 60 bucks on a DGT North American THAT is money well spent. Get yourself one today, because you can't call yourself a chess player without it.


@ Bfighter4935


Please don't call me a troll, I'm not. Name calling is very childish. All my arguments are valid.


"You should be an IM to justify owning a DGT e-board" is not a valid argument.  It's ridiculous.  And $60 is way too much to pay for a DGT NA.  I got mine for under $40 and I didn't have to look that hard.

ventudius wrote:

@ Bfighter4935


Please don't call me a troll, I'm not. Name calling is very childish. All my arguments are valid.

Well, if you do not want people to call you a troll, quit acting like one.

By the way, your arguments as to DGT making clocks the same as the Chronos and V-Tek back in the 1980's is very ridiculous.  They could not and certainly did not.

You are acting arrogant and condescending regarding people buying an e-board.

Your arguments are way off and certainly not valid.


Hey folks, The SmartBoard has been well received overall. There was some confusion over whether it comes with or without pieces. It's both


The $100 price jump someone mentioned earlier was an error that was corrected. Chess House tries to price fairly considering the fact that we'll just be there if you need help. At the moment, Chess House is priced at $395, compared to the House of Staunton at $495.  They do tend to offer 20% off coupons fairly often so that helps, but they aren't currently offering the free shipping which Chess House does offer.


This sort of chessboard on one hand is a study aid for serious players. On the other hand it's merely fun for the casual player/enthusiast who simply enjoys interesting chess equipment and can afford it.  DGT did make an effort to lower the cost and reach a larger audience. It's a step in the right direction.


But I would certainly like to see a tablet and Mac enabled version that's super intuitive. And one that's compatible and reliable with the top chess playing sites. And... speak the moves so you didn't have to read the display (because the font is iffy at best to read).




I bought my Usb DGT for 110€ like 12 years ago on ebay from a guy who thought the price would have risen up before time was up. I thought I made a great deal.

Now I learn that since I am not even rated (and a bad player indeed) I don't deserve it.

Well, maybe I don't, but there's no doubt I enjoy using it very much. I think THAT is the point. Not if you "need" it or whatever. Also because, nobody could ever "need" a DGT board. Chess can be played with a paper chessboard and lego bricks for pieces, if you want...


You do deserve it, and you are smarter than the guy that said you don't.


Yep..  too bad I can't use it here... At least on Lichess I can, thanks to Acid Ape... If only here they would allow for an external client to connect... But again, for my needs what I have it's ok