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New chess books for under $10

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    A gift card of mine expired at the end of October, so I decided to spend the $15 or so that were left on a chess book. I figured the shipping and handling would cost at most $5, so the book should cost around $10. Went into a portal to look at the candidate books. It turned out the choice was very limited. Most of the books were well over $20, and I spent a lot of time looking for something sensible. Finally settled on Chernev's The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played, for $9.95. The book arrived yesterday, and it looks like I made the right choice. Anyone else have suggestions for an alternative under $10? Just wondering if I could have picked something better.

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    In California Gift cards by law are not allowed to expire nor can they charge for not using them.

    How about some FREE chess books to download.



     Or this one: But the web site is very hard to read.


    Try Google "Free Chess Books Download"



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    Thanks, Denver. Just downloaded Debut Hooliganism from the second site, and it looks interesting, even though written in Russian.

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    Do You Speak or read Russian.

    Funny I have access to 20 Russian books I never even  looked at them.  I speak Spanish and English.

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    Russian is easy to read, as it is derived from Greek, and everyone learned some Greek letters in school. There are maybe 200 words that you need to learn chess-wise to read Russian chess books with ease.

    Some of my Russian books. Always bought them used and never paid more than $5.

    And speaking of learning Greek in school:

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    Crazychessplaya wrote:

    Russian is easy to read, as it is derived from Greek, and everyone learned some Greek letters in school.

    And speaking of learning Greek in school:

    I love those greek letters on those students.

    Here is another site for free books.

    I am going to see is I can use some of those Russian books. I know that Bobby Fisher always carried some arround with him studying them.



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    Back to the paper books, here is another for $9.95 :

    And here is Capablanca'a A Primer of Chess for only $5.30 on amazon.com

    Nunn' Learn Chess for $9.46. Too late for me.


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