New Old English Elite Staunton ebony/boxwood chess set


Just arrived today from Regency Chess, 3.5" king, 19.75" board with 2" squares.

Everything looks good, the pieces feel great, but I think the king is a little big for the squares.

The crosses weren't inserted into the kings when the set arrived. The cross fits snugly into the white king, but the black one provides no friction for the cross at all. What do you suggest, should I glue the cross in? Or maybe put something on the shaft to provide some friction, maybe some tape?


Every piece looks good on the board except the King. I don't understand why they chose such a wider base for the King alone. Normally the base of the King is a few mm bigger than that of Queen. But this is too big. Except that the set looks awesome.


I agree. The squares *are* a tad too small for the set.


Bit of electrical tape might do the trick.

I bought a set from Regency Chess a few years ago. After a cat-related accident they sold me some replacement pieces, really nice company to deal with I thought.


This is my second transaction with Regency, and again the service was great. The package arrived promptly, and the board and chessmen were well protected.

Yeah, I'll try some electrical tape.