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New wood grain Mouse Pad chess boards

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    Eyechess:  What do you think of these color combinations?

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    Well, I like the first two, that I posted yesterday, quite a bit.

    I prefer my boards to be a bit lighter overall.  I just think of the pieces I will be putting on the boards.  The Walnut Burl and Oak will work great with my Noj Walnut sets, and my Sheesham/Golden Rosewood sets.

    The Wicked Burl and Oak will work excellently with any of my sets where the dark pieces have any red in them at all.  This would include my Rosewood, Bud or Blood Rosewood, and my Red dyed Noj Dubrovnik II sets.

    While I like my Ebonized sets, I just find myself attracted to using my above mentioned sets more than those.  And when I do use the Ebonized sets, I am using Wenge, Rosewood and other darker woods for the board.

    These last two boards that Shelby has put together would, in my opinion, call for the Ebonized or darker pieces.  Perhaps I'll get the Redwood one for my Official Staunton Ebonized sets.  We'll see.

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    Eyechess:  Do you use your NOJ sets for tournament play?

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    I definitely do use all but my HoS Morphy set for tournament play.  In my opinion I only want a Chess set to use and play Chess.


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    Figured I would try 2 darker woods to see how they looked together.  Since I am only doing designs,  I figured "Why not?"

    I am not a big fan of the Wenge and Wicked Burl.  It is just WAY too dark.  The other one is a little orange-ish,  but I think people will still buy that one.  I have 2 new versions that should be in this weekend for me to show on Monday.




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    I have a couple of new combos that were recommended,  but I need to figure out how to convert the files from .PDF to something that can be posted here.  For some reason they do not allow >PDF files to be posted as pics.

    I will have them up tomorrow at the latest!

    They are very polished and finished designs.  I know you'll love them!  If it were not for your recommendations,  these never would have happened.



    Shelby Lohrman

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    Open your PDF in a program like
    Paint and save it as a jpeg. Even Acrobat might do that.
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    I converted the first images that Shelby sent to me from pdf to png and those are the ones I posted earlier in this thread.

    I'm busy today but I got 2 of them changed to jpg because for some reason the png files would not load today.  The other 2 didn't open up correctly, a few times for each, in my LibreOffice.  The pdf that Shelby sent has the border on the picture correctly.  I do not have the time today to find a different program to convert these files better.  However you certainly can get the idea.


    Above is the redwood and lightwood



    Above is the wenge and lightwood


    This is the wenge with rosewood and lightwood


    And above is wenge with rosewood and oak

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    A year or so ago I put together this maple & padauk file that I thought would make a nice printed board. The original jpeg file is 4000 x 4000 pixels. If you're interested I'll be happy to share the design without charge. If anyone else is interested let Shelby know.


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    I like that, Lou.  Shelby you ought to take him up on this.

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    Eyechess wrote:

    I like that, Lou.  Shelby you ought to take him up on this.

     Hi Eye (sounds like I'm in the navy),

    I like the color combo. It's hard to find portable boards with wood grain designs that work well with woods like sheesham and the lighter colored rosewoods. I like playing with wooden pieces, but I'd prefer not having to drag along a wooden chess board everywhere I go.

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    I like the loubalch design!


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