NOJ Dubrovnik 1950 Minceta


Crazy Eddie commercials...


@Madmacsback and @Toby319 Thanks! I thought it was chess-related, but I should have known "Crazy Eddie" wouldn't be the type of name that would work with chess stuff.


You had to watch what they sold you as well,because there were times they'd try to give you an open carton product,which most likely was a returned product.

They got very successful(quickly) and ultimately tried to cheat the government,by hiding monies and other offenses......Eventualy Eddie got sued by his own family and took off to Israel,in order to hide from Uncle Sam.

He got caught and did not have a happy ending to his saga.....They were a hugely successful business for about a decade.

I met the guy and sure enough,he tried to pass an open carton product to me....I did not buy it.

Just for historic accuracy,he was succeeded by JGE Electronics......Another now defunct electronics retailer,who had much quick success.

I was a serious audio fanatic for years and pretty much knew all these guys and had a friend who worked for C.E.....Now I'm quite happy owning my Sonos Smart Speaker stuff.....Time takes it's toll....Ha.


@Magictwanger Gee whiz! It sounds like a used car lot. Anyhow it also sounds like he got what was coming to him if he ripped people off and especially Uncle Sam. 

I miss the days of those big electronic stores and record stores too. I was once so excited to download music from the net. It use to take 8 hours to download one song from those sharing apps but it was worth it. Now it takes less an a minute. Now I am not so excited anymore. I wish those old stores were still around. It was an experience to go sort through all of the physical music in hopes of find one record, tape, or cd I could buy. I miss those days.


Sorry to hijack this thread folks,but one more thing which affected all of us,thanks to Crazy Eddie.

Before Crazy Eddie's electronics stores existed,there were no discounts offered on any of the better audio products.....It was illegal to discount the stuff.......I don't know if it was Crazy Eddie himself(he told me it was him) or just a timing thing,but suddenly these restrictions were lifted and the entire industry had to follow in the "crazy guys" pathways,because he discounted well,like......CRAZY!

Suddeny,all the electronics stores had to keep up and now "all of you" get the benefit of what began in the Crazy Eddie era.

Btw,MCH....I am in total agreement with you,about scouring record stores for unique and often hard to find LP's and CD's.

It was so much fun to find a hard to obtain title and put together a large music collection.I did this for years and The Princeton Record Exchange was probably my favorite store of all time.

They had and still have(except for this damn covid crisis we're experiencing) the most amazing inventory of LP's and CD's in the entire world!

I bought a part of Andre Previn's music collection from them,after he sold his LP's.

The 2008 recession and my daughter's subsequent upcoming(at the time) marriage,forced me to sell virtually everything,incl my audio equip.

Thought my music was gone forever,since I had so much hard to find stuff(my pals were reviewers for the likes of Stereophile and The Absolute Sound Magazine,so I had an inside track on the good stuff)......Two months after I had sold off everything I was depressed,but had to move on....Now,6 months ago,a pal buys this new fangled Sonos set up(their top of the line stereo speakers and sub woofer).....He has everything coming in from Amazon and Apple music,on his phone......Something a former audio snob,like myself,would have never given a second thought to...Ha.

One month later I buy the exact set up and I am astonished at how technology has improved.

Virtually 60 million music titles at the touch of a finger,in phenomenal sound!....NO more wires all over the place.No shelves holding big/bulky equipment and pricewise(the biggest shock)

The entire set up cost the exact same price as just  my interconnect cables,between my old amp and preamp!....Now you know why my wife is not a fan of my splurging on any new chess sets.....Ha!


OK,back to chess!


Hey Zagryan. I see I hadn't responded to this in any way yet. I think your set looks very beautiful and indeed, I like the mashup of pieces and the effect it gives. The Mincetta rooks have grown on me, and the 1950 style queen definitely has her own charm and 'presence' compared to the other one Noj does. I wouldn't order separate pieces myself to get this board presence, but I can see why one might want to. Perhaps Noj should include the option as a separate set on their website? Great holiday pics also, I wish I could go on holiday more easily, but now with Corona...


@Magictwanger Tech is good. Don't get me wrong. I just miss the experience of shopping for media at the store.

@Zagryan Sorry for hijacking your thread.


Me too!....It won't happen again.


Crazy Eddie story is fascinating. Maybe we need someone like him to bring the prices down.


@Zagryan That would be awesome but then again @Magictwanger said that guy sold returned items which isn't too cool.


He eventually was pretty legit(except for cheating the U.S. Govt).The opened item "thing" was only in the early stages of his business.He was definitely responsible for the entire electronics industry to stop selling items at list price.....Just had to add this part of history......Back to chess....I promise!


@Magictwanger So that's where it came from. That's really interesting. 


@Zagryan Back to your Minceta set... how has the walnut held up? My original plan was to get the 1950 set in walnut maple. I love the walnut as the grain looks so beautiful. I changed my mind in the end because someone said the European walnut was a bit soft compared to maple. I opted for brown-stained maple. Do you have an issues with the walnut? Are you happy with your choice? Would you buy walnut if you could do it over again?


@MCH818 - The walnut has held up fine. It has a beautiful grain and despite what you read on this forum, it is not soft at all. I've dropped a few pieces on a hard floor in the past, my eight year old son has thrown or flicked the king on some occasions, but none of them have chipped or shown cracks. Even if it were, you can always ask Noj for a replacement. Yes, I am happy with my choice. I would buy the walnut if I could do it over again.

Here's a photo of my Minceta pieces up close:



Walnut has never let me down from my experience with boards and furniture. 
As when used for pieces, it’s a typical dark brown shade which works for playing and studying. 


@MCH818 - I forgot to mention that I also like the brown-stained maple. It's just that they seem to look better when they're old and battle-scarred, showing the underlying maple where the brown stains have worn off. Kind of like Fischer's: 


@Zagryan Thanks for the answer. Your set looks good. I would think it has never been used at all much less thrown or flicked. I went with the brown-stained because I read the Fischer-Dubrovnik was stained brown. I am happy with my choice but I was just curious about walnut since it was my first choice.


@Chessroboto My experience with walnut is also good so far. However, I read European walnut used in the Noj's sets are softer than American walnut. I am certainly no wood expert so I can't say if that is true or not. Who knows.