Open Sicilian Book for White


Hi all,

Does anyone have any personal recommendations for books presented from the White point of view at combatting the Open Sicilian? I've looked through reviews on websites and they're less than helpful. I'd prefer it if someone could say a book they've found, liked, and ideally why. I've had more success with it than the Closed (aside from a few Grand Prix games), so I'd rather study the Open Sicilian. Yugoslav Dragon and English Attack Najdorf both seem interesting to me, and I don't mind theory-laden books, so long as they are clear, thorough, and effective. For instance, I've found the Grandmaster Repertoire series very helpful, but they only cover 1. d4 and 1. c4 right now, and the Sicilian book is from the Black POV, aiming at a Najdorf setup.




My book is: book openings.




No personal experience with either book, but I know of a couple:


There's also Neil McDonald's Starting Out: 1 e4!  It uses the open Sicilian, but it's a complete 1 e4 repertoire book and may not go into as much depth as you'd like.


Thanks Quasi - I'll look into all of those. Don't mind a repertoire book as it might give me new ideas in other lines as well