picture 62 , where can i find a set of that size ?




Historic chess table: Lascker vs Schlechter 1910.

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Picked up table and chairs off Craigslist for $200 plus about $30 on gas and tools.  



That’s a great spot. Any idea how old the table is and was the previous owner seriously into chess? Unique looking design with wonderfully ornate table legs. Please post more pictures if you can!

Owner was actually a backgammon player. The board insert on top is reversible and has backgammon on the other side.  The board itself has 2" squares and overall size of ~ 20 1/2 inches square. The cutout itself is ~21"  .  According to seller the table is 7 years old. This table belongs to a chess friend of mine.  I saw this on Craigslist but I had no room for it.  Not wanting such a deal to go to waste I informed him and we picked it up the immediate weekend. From my friends autographed Kasparov pictures you can safely surmise that the table is in an appreciative home. 


Also this table exact table. Link

Are the squares on this table the wrong way around or is the image just reversed? I see a lot of images like this on the web with a dark square on the bottom right for each player where it would be necessary to play "lengthways" accross the table to play chess. I think draughts (checkers) used to be played with a dark square in the bottom corner? Of course the board may be reversible?