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Re-finishing pieces

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    I have a set that I am fond of, one that I like playing with immensly. I also leave it out as a display. It is not the greatest set but I like it.

    The black pieces are ebonized lacquered boxwood. Over he years of cleaning the bllack is starting to come off the pieces. How do I go about getting the pieces re-finished? I wiuld have no idea where to look.

    I have Googled it but not many hits on it.

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    HOS recommends using black marker. Normally the wear occurs along the edges, so I think black marker should be fine.

    If you want to know how to ebonize wood, here is a link: http://www.wkfinetools.com/contrib/jThompson/howTo/EbWood-jThompson/jThompson-EbWood.asp 

    Unless if it severe, I wouldn't risk re-ebonizing my chess pieces.

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    Thanks honinbo, I appreciate the link. This is more on the actual bodies of the pieces.

    I wasn't thinking of doing it myself, more looking for where I could take them to have someone else do it.

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    Maybe try a local furniture store that makes their own furniture and / or refinishes furniture. They would have carpenters there who might take it on as a side job....then have them build you a chess tableLaughing

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    Just remember to tell the carpenter that you want to have a similar finish/wood coating as the original. 

    I personally don't like shiny and glassy appearance on my chessmen. It makes them look plastic.   


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