Readers of Dvoretskys endgame manual


I've been looking the book over. Reading some hear and there. Am a poor endgame player and a fair chess player. What part of the book that you've read definitely should be looked into and practiced. I know its all important and rook endgames are played most often. But any features in the book that stand out. Thanks.


Aloha, Benonidoni!  I was a very poor endgame player myself, but Silman's Complete Endgame Course from Beginner to Master, helped me tremendously, such that I have become a pretty good player of endgames -- not a great player, but one who doesn't fear an endgame and feels confident holding my own against players within a hundred or so rating.  It's designed to help players understand all that they need to know at their rating, and to prepare them to move on to the next level.  Take a look at it.  I believe you will like it and will learn a lot from it.  Vincent  


Sorry but Dvoretsky's book is a tough slog and I believe it is written for pretty strong players.  I would second Silman's endgame course as a good place to start.  Alburt's Just the Facts!  is also a good endgame book.


Thanks for the comments and would assume Hawaii is a pretty nice place this time of year.