Review House of Staunton 1960 Fischer Dubrovnik Chessmen


But 2 YEARS on we find that COVID has become more of an excuse than a reason.  And excuse for sloppiness.  An excuse for a lack of quality control.  An excuse for any and everything, including the most egregious power- and money-grab in all history.  Companies have had 2 YEARS to figure it out and yet the only real winners in all this are the shippers, which suck horribly and spout their own endless excuses but are making an ungodly fortune.

"If you feel like you're being played, you are."


kinda funny, in all this mess chess bazaar is simply not offering most of their sets which I think makes them 100 times more reliable than house of staunton who's apparently now selling sets so bad you couldn't even get them from 3rd and 4th grade vendors before.




House of Staunton is offering 20% sitewide right now! I just used code Christmas20 and got the discount on an incredible hand crafted Pyrenees set from Val Gardena Italy!! They also have a TON of new products they are introducing in their CHESSMAS category. Great time to check it out to get a great deal right before the Holidays!


Congrats! Wow! Your savings of $600 was more than the retail price for most sets HoS sells.