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Rocky Mountain Chess Cabin

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    early October

    The mountains have exploded in color. (photos taken today)  Here's in town.    Photobucket

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    It's prime colors here in the Rocky Mts.  Thought I'd share photos of the chess cabin.  There's no one within almost 100 miles to play chess with OTB.  But here's a great place to play, if anyone's ever in the neighborhood.  

    Arriving at the cabin. Okay, AT the camo'd chess cabin., See the outside grill and stove pipe on top?

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    Out on the deck.  ...on the deck.

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    Getting ready to go inside.  Foreboding sign above the door.

    Okay, inside now, there's the chess board.  The Chess playing area.

    Wood burning stove and Japanese katana:  Wood stove, Japanese Katana and bear curtain.

    This guy's still waiting for an OTB game - I think he was going to try Lasker's Trap.  This guy's still waiting for a chess game.

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    Two old glories flying in the breeze outside the cabin.  Two old glories.

    The Holy water cooler.  Some guy named Gabe LOVES this cooler.

    Water cooler and fire starters.

    The water cooler



    Place to rest between games and old Jeremiah Johnson on the wall  couch/bed and Jeremiah Johnson

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    That's really cool. USA must have the prettiest autums on earth.

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    The great ones picture on the wall.  Champions of chess picture.

    Another shot of the table.  Who's that guy in the red frame?? Photobucket


    Leaving the chess cabin, the original old Glory still flying in the wind.  Hope you enjoyed,  so long!  arriving with old glory flying in the breeze

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    Wonderful pics and a wonderful place Smile

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    Thanks Rooperi and Laurent, stop in sometime, we'll play a game. Cool

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    It looks lovely over there.  I think you should paint your stove in the colors of a giraffe.

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    Smilewow Davy!! great pictures and a wonderful place to live! I wish I could come out and play you OTB and enjoy the Rockies! see ya!Cool

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    Live a little FisherFan, come on out!  Bring your daughter, we'll teach her some real OTB - and let her drink from the water cooler - they say the water is Holy water.  Cool

    Colors of a giraffe - hmmm, I'll think about it.  Sounds like a splendid idea!    Sealed

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    What a cool place!

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    After drinking the Holy water and reading Nimzowitsch, I feel like doing some Yoga.  The sky at night here . . .  Night sky and mts Sept 26, '12, out the front door.

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    Smilenice sunset!!

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    Lucky you!  Thanks for sharing.  

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    LaughingI love your "Wipe your boots" sign!Laughing

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    Winkhave you ever been to AREA 51 Davy??Undecided

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    No.  UFO's won't play chess with me.  

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    I love Dr.Paper too Laughing

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