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st patricks day sale at wholesale chess

  • #1

    There are 3 codes:

    10% off, given on the home page

    15% off, on one of the category pages

    20% off, on one of the product pages


    haven't found the 15 and 20 ones, but there are a looot of products. :/

  • #2

    Yes, I looked  around, but didn't find the 15 or 20. I didn't spend a lot of time looking, though. I really like wholesale chess, I've had good experiences with them, so maybe I'll go back and look a bit harder.

  • #3

    Hmm......don't know where it's at. I thought I could find the 15 since it's supposed to be a category one, but no luck. I didn't have the luck of the Irish on that count. lol

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    found the 15% one! http://www.wholesalechess.com/shop/chess_supplies/chess_bags

    the 20% sale seems hopeless to find

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    nice find, cubis. The day is almost over, so that 20 will stay hidden, I suppose. A shame!


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