What are some of your favorite books with chess tactics to practice tactics? I want something good for a beginner.




John Nunn's "Learn Chess Tactics" is good.


For a tactics book, it will be better if it contains both mate problems and tactics that wins material.


I like Chess Tactics for Champion by Polgar.  Try this book. This book has diverse tactics puzzles that are appropriate for your level.


Yasser Seirawan has several books published by Everyman Chess. Two especially good ones for beginners (like me) are "Play Winning Chess" and "Tactics". The Play Winning Chess title is on Chess.com's must read list for beginners. Unfortunately, I've lost the link to the reading list.


Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess - great beginner book for mating tactics.  after a few pages on the rules of chess the book is nothing but tactics, all business no fluff.  the problems are pretty easy at first and get more difficult.  when you finish reading the book you turn it over and read it backwards, not joking, the book continues... when you are done with this book you should start seeing some basic mating pattern much easier, this is all tactics are, patterns.


Fred Reinfeld's '1001 mating combinations' and '1001 brilliant sacrifices and combinations' are very good for beginners to intermediate.



Lots of tactics books for beginners here...

Good Chess Books for Beginners and Beyond...




Thank you! That was the link I was looking for.

From that link:

Play Winning Chess
By Yasser Seirawan. Targeted to the beginner-novice player. Focuses on explaining what GM Seirawan posits to be the four primary principles of chess – Force, Time, Space and Pawn Structure. Understanding how to properly evaluate and use these principles will enable you to formulate plans and strategies to significantly improve your chances for a successful result in your games.  The importance of the concepts introduced in this instructive book cannot be overstated.  In fact, I consider this book to be a MUST-READ for the beginner whose goal is to play better chess


'Play Winning Chess' is not a book primarily about tactics, however.