The Demise of Chess Books & Equipment

Are there any moderated forums on ? I think if they allowed those to evolve somehow that reflected genuine interests it would go a long way to solve trolling / abuse problems. Maybe it’s against their business model or something , I don’t know but I’d sure like to see it
It just occurred to me that maybe the forums are moderated - just very loosely? signal to noise ratio seems fairly large
fissionfowl wrote:

Disagree with the kind bit.

I disagree with all of it.  Including (especially) the fact that it's an acronym.  And (for that matter) the notion that you should run through some goofy checklist in your head before you post.

IMBacon wrote:

As good as this website the saying goes: "You're only as strong as your weakest link"

The forums are the weakest link, and it doesn't matter what new "innovations", puzzles, ideas, etc. you implement.  If the forums are allowed to stay the way they are, it makes the entire site look bad.


I think the forums are bad.

But at the same time I think so few users know (or care) the forums exists that it can't be a stain on the site, no matter how bad they are.


Still, why do I get the feeling that everybody's gonna have a different prescription for straightening them out?