The Demise of Chess Books & Equipment


From a personal perspective....I so enjoy sitting down with a good cup of coffee and delving deeply into a good chess book,all with a nice study set.

chessroboto wrote:

I do like Game Changer, about Alpha Zero. I remember getting all the books that I could find on Deep Thought and Deep Blue vs Kasparov. And now Alpha Zero has establish another landmark in computing history.

Regarding the books back in the 80s and 90s, most of the titles worth reprinting, updating and revising have been treated accordingly. Many of the releases by Quality Chess used to be privy only to the soviet masters or anyone else who could read Slavic.

There have been an influx in books by the life and games of "the other masters" with Thinkers' Publishing and McFarland, and those are what I've been appreciating. Now new books on Petrosian and Smyslov will be out before end of 2020.

What we need are more books by Spassky... by Spassky!

So Spassky wrote a few, did he, or at ;east had his name attached? I would have loved to see him discuss the King's Gambit before Fischer claimed he had busted it, which he well may have. Haven;y seen a serious KG in OTB normal time games  since then.   


Honestly I have yet to find a game collection book with his own analysis. With his current health, I do not expect this to happen anymore unless he sat on his manuscripts when he wrote them at his prime.