The Five Knights of Lockdown

Maybe a tad over-stated Magic 😊… but I certainly appreciate the sentiment and I like the board too. That said, it is ‘heavy’ on the eye with all its geometric tricks, so I can imagine people having a love-hate reaction. Pleasingly my wife is on the love (or at least like) side of the fence!

I think Magic is spot on! That is an incredible table with lots of beautiful detail. You must be the luckiest person to find all these wonderful boards and tables. Not to mention you really have an eye for it.


Excellent find, Mark. It looks stunning!




Powder....That board simply calls for Staunton Castle's William Hallett pieces!

You didn't splurge on all of your previous acquisitions hence, the wife will understand.....I think.


I appreciate all the feedback - it’s a very interesting design. Note that the table has to be placed on the diagonal for the board to be square to the player. I thought this odd… and yet, in practice it means you’re closer and in a better position when playing … because it’s not high enough to sit with your legs under the table… the player’s legs are astride the table, with their head and hands are closer to the table ….looking at the board from a height… … while this is definitely a different board, I believe the maker thought long and hard about the design to make it playable.


Apologies for the Spam over the past few days - just updating some threads…. Along with the marquetry board above - here a reflection of St Petersburg, 1914.😉