The Five Knights of Lockdown

Maybe a tad over-stated Magic 😊… but I certainly appreciate the sentiment and I like the board too. That said, it is ‘heavy’ on the eye with all its geometric tricks, so I can imagine people having a love-hate reaction. Pleasingly my wife is on the love (or at least like) side of the fence!

I think Magic is spot on! That is an incredible table with lots of beautiful detail. You must be the luckiest person to find all these wonderful boards and tables. Not to mention you really have an eye for it.


Excellent find, Mark. It looks stunning!




Powder....That board simply calls for Staunton Castle's William Hallett pieces!

You didn't splurge on all of your previous acquisitions hence, the wife will understand.....I think.


I appreciate all the feedback - it’s a very interesting design. Note that the table has to be placed on the diagonal for the board to be square to the player. I thought this odd… and yet, in practice it means you’re closer and in a better position when playing … because it’s not high enough to sit with your legs under the table… the player’s legs are astride the table, with their head and hands are closer to the table ….looking at the board from a height… … while this is definitely a different board, I believe the maker thought long and hard about the design to make it playable.


Apologies for the Spam over the past few days - just updating some threads…. Along with the marquetry board above - here a reflection of St Petersburg, 1914.😉


Sometimes photos don’t tell the story… I have this 60’s/70’s board that I refurbished. It’s cool in a 70’s kinda way but in dim light it’s not good to play on - the squares meld into each other but… take it outside and the thing just comes to life! The wood is on fire - alas, the photos don’t really show it … anyway, here’s chess, 70’s style … anyone for a fondue? 🫕


Another gem of a combination.Imagine what 2023 will bring us fans.


A celebration of perfect imperfection… misaligned squares, age weary… there’s so much to love. If I am buying new - I don’t want this …if I am lucky enough to find something older…you cannot design this imperfection; it’s perfect. The light was too good this morning … the board was alive …how could I not spend a moment reflecting and imagining what may have gone before …

It’s hard to get colour balance with a phone but the most accurate reflection of the true colour in these pictures is where the board had a deep honey glow to it. 


Powder is that the same Lardy set or is that a 2nd Lardy acquisition?

No, it’s the same set, if it is a Lardy … it has no provenance. My luckiest find, I reckon. In Europe - probably a dime a dozen but I love it.

Wow. That board table is STUNNING! Simply beautiful, love the marquetry, thanks for sharinghappy.png


Thank you. It’s pretty cool and now, as the evening light sets in … the board still burns with vibrancy. 👍


Love that friggin' board! I have a Lardy since the 1970's....Still in minty shape.

Btw,Powder,your photographic skills put me to shame.

Magic - you’re too kind. All I have is an aging iPhone. I used to have DSLR, nearly went mirrorless and now … I simply accept phone photos 😊.

There really are some beautiful woods represented here! Wish I could get my old hands on some just like them. Well done!



The marquetry board is beautiful. My old eyes would have a difficult time following a game on it, so, no, I won't ask to buy it from you if you were ever to offer it for sale. I appreciate the workmanship and effort that went into making it.

I once did an air conditioning engineering project in a house remodeling which had a unique coffered ceiling above the dining area. The coffered area was probably 12 ft. by 8 ft. and was composed of 2 ft. square panels which were each made up of hand cut wood pieces. Each panel had at least 100 pieces of wood, beveled and angled so that each panel was recessed up. It is difficult to describe and I have no pictures of it. It too was beautiful workmanship by the woodsmith who had cut each piece and left NO gaps. I marvel at the skills of the ceiling builder and the builder of your table.

I love this thread, so please keep it going.

Thanks for the feedback @F1Lightning - much appreciated. And yes, the board is wildly complex; simpler boards are much better to play on. Thanks for the ceiling story too… sounds incredible. I too admire and appreciate artisans in any field of endeavour. We have something locally called the Lost Trades Fair and it is incredible to visit and see so many skilled people hand-making many and varied items. Very cool.

Sounds very interesting! Save me a seat. 😀