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The Modern Chess Self-Tutor by D. Bronstein

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    Hello, everyone! In a used book store I just bought The Modern Chess Self-Tutor by David Bronstein.  It was more like a opportunity purchase that I wasn't planning on at all.  Has anyone used this book and/or has any comments on it? Thank you much.

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    No, but I just had a similar experience where I was in a used book store and ran across a copy of The Sorceror's Apprentice by Bronstein.  I picked it up since it was there and I figured I'd get to it eventually!

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    Hahahaha @ChrisWainscott!  I guess it is not a good sign Bronstein's books are piling up in used bookstores.

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    I heard a lot of good things about both books. I have Apprentice myself.

    At used books stores you may find good deals.

    There are many other reasons why books appear in u-stores. Have you ever moved with your tons of books :/


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