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This Is My Chessboard

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    Obvious chess is important to you if you made all those chess boards. I used to make boards too and sold them for money. Always a lot of fun to design and make!

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    LOL! Great movie. 

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    Rishi9 wrote:

    Everytime I look at Izmet's magnetic chess board, wonder why he doesn't put it out in commercial production.

    I am working on a limited run of 50 numbered magnetic chessboards. One per day will be finished and I hope to improve my skills with each one. Stay tuned.


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    "They were gonna make me a Queen for this, and I wasn't even in their f**in' army anymore."

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    I'm making a limited run of 50:



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    Leonard talks to his king.  I don't think Leonard can hack it.  I think Leonard's a Section 8.


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