Top 10 Chess Books to Own

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    - Bobby Fischer, My 60 memorable games

    - Ludek Pachman, Modern Chess Strategy

    - Alexander Kotov, Think Like a Grandmaster

    - Chess Informator, Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, 5 Vol.

    - Max Euwe, The Middle Game, Vol. I and II.

    - Emmanuel Lasker, Manual of Chess

    - Richard Reti, Modern Ideas in Chess

    - Harry Golombek, History of Chess

    - T.Siaperas, The Game of Chess, Vol. I and II(in Greek)

    - Reuben Fine, Basic Chess Endings

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    These are all quite old books. Nothing wrong with that of course, but what about more recent ones? Are there any books published in the last 20 years (say) that are a "must have"?

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    I don't have read chess books of the last 20 years.

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    Gelfand's two books of an ongoing series positional and dynamic decision making in chess are very good.

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    @georgopa Fair enough - I was asking the question of anyone who read this and might have an opinion.

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    I like Lev alburt Comprehensive chess course vol.2(havent read vol.1).Its all about laying a solid

    chessfoundation.I also have his chess training pocketbook which is wonderful.His Trademark is

    =Time efficiency.

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    I think many popular books that seem like they are saying the right things are actually bad for your chess and will hamper your long-term development.


    Her are my "best" books, where "best" means some high standard of both good instruction and enjoyment:


    1.  Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games

    2.  Nunn: Understanding Chess Move by Move

    3.  Abrahams: The Chess Mind

    4.  Watson: Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy

    5.  Lasker: Lasker's Manual of Chess

    6.  Znosko-Borovsky: The MIddle Game in Chess

    7.  Averbakh: Chess Endings, Essential Knowledge

    8.  Nunn, Burgess adn Emms:THe Mammoth Book of the World's Greatest Chess Games

    9.  Gligorich: Selected Chess Masterpieces

    10.  Petrosian: Petrosian's Legacy

    11. Keres: MIidle Years of Paul Keres

    12. Gufeld: Chess - The serch for Mona Lisa

    13. Shirov: Fire on Board

    14. Gligoric: I play against pieces

    15. Soltis: Turning Advantage into Victory in Chess

    16. Stohl: Garry Kasparov's Geeatest Chess Games Vol. 1

    17. Bronznik and Terekhin: Techniques of Positional Play

    18. Hort and Jansa: The Best Move

    19. Dvoretsky: Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual

    20. Nunn: Understanding Chess Endgames

    21. Sokolov: Winning Chess Middlegames

    22. Korchnoi: Best Games with Black

    23. Reinfeld: 1001 Winning Chess sacrifices and combinations

    24. Averbakh and Maezelis:  Pawn Endings

    25. Korchnoi: Practical Rook Endings


    Well a mere 10 books was too restrictive.  25 is a nice number, though I could easily have listed 50.


    Maybe someone will find this list useful.

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