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Top 10 Chess Books to Own

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    I've been playing chess for a few years now, and Mikhail Tal.  Tal Botvinnik 1960. is definitely my favorite book. What makes this book special to me is that it taught me how to think outside the box, and it sparked the creativity in my moves and games. I credit Mikhail for my unique playstyle, and this book, I could say with confidence raised my rating by at least 200 points.

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    Chess Training Pocket Book: 300 Most Important Positions and Ideas


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    Fischer's My 60 memorable games. Greatest technical ,opening player ever,plus  top 5 endgame,middlegame,attacker(didnt attack as much as Kasparov,tal and others) ,tournament player.So you get all this variety in one instructive book.According to wikipedia  Peter Biyiasas became an International Master by studying only two books: Rook Endings by Levenfish and Smyslov  and My 60 Memorable Games. Maybe the most influential and inspiring chess book of all time?

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