Good luck wished.  I'm oddly fascinated to know how this Frankenstein experiment turns out.  Please keep us posted.


^^^Thanks...I'm going into it with very low expectations. tongue

michaelcausey7 wrote:

Change of plan...It looks like I'm going to need a finer tooth blade than is what's on my table saw so it's off to Lowes to get one for my skill saw. It's much easier to change than the table saw. I think this might work but with the luck I've been having lately...

When I saw the damage my first thought was that you could route along each edge at a 45-degree angle and deep enough to remove the damage.  Then just stain the exposed (now-beveled) edges.  Maybe that would look OK?


Oof, rip. I once got a 100 dollar chess set (hand carved wood) as a present, it was used a bit, but then after like a week of playing with it it got dings and scratches everywhere -_-


If it was a solid wood board that's exactly what I would do. Unfortunately as feared when I removed the hard plastic edging it revealed crap beneath a sheet of laminate. I still have hopes of it turning out alright. In fact, now I'm spinning the idea of a platform board around in my head. I've got some nice 3/4 in birch plywood laying around and molding is pretty cheap. Hmmm...