W.T. Pinney Club Set, Weighted


Hi all - 

I just picked up this vintage W.T. Pinney Club set. When I bought it I thought it was a wartime model but it arrived today and it turns out the pieces are weighted! Not sure how that affects the value of these Pinney sets, but I prefer it. I can already tell this is going to be one of my go-to sets to play with. 

The hinges on the box are wobbly (not the best design ever) and the latch is missing from the box, but the pieces themselves (and their original felt) look 9/10 - nearly new. 

I couldn't be happier and the 4" king looks stunning on my Drueke board. 

Here are some pictures. Forgive me, they aren't the best. . . 

Those Pinney knights! 

I actually don't have anyone to play with where I live, but I'm sure when I do, these will be the pieces I use. I really like these vintage American takes on staunton design - especially the bishop. I've seen this in a few other sets (Horn McCrillis comes to mind). Not sure how this style evolved, but it's cool. 



I like the pawns. Very nice. It makes me sad you have no one to play with though :(
It’s ok- it’s only because I just moved 👍👍
love this set, HOS just recently came out with a reproduction
I just saw your other post about the table where someone said the seller is dishonest...just guessing here but it sounds like maybe this seller sold you one of these new HOS repros and pawned it off as an original...
No this is original- I never did business w the ebay seller in question. I was curious about the value of a drueke board and just used the ebay link to point to an example!
ah ok, the first I thought when seeing this was the new HOS repro, just wanted to make sure you didn’t get scammed

loving the set. the pawns are surprisingly difficult to pick up but the rest of the pieces feel super positive to play with!


This is why I abhor the standardization of chess sets. All these fantastic old sets that just disappear. This set is beautiful and clearly of sufficiently good craftsmanship to be used in competition at the highest level.