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Want to buy a unique Chess set, help?!?

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    Please help me if you can.  I want to buy a specific type of chess set for my father's birthday, but I cannot find it anywhere online.

    I will describe it in case anyone recognizes. 

    * The set is flat like a very thin book. 

    *It opens and closes with 2 flap covers (like some photo albums).

    *The pieces are square, magnetic, and about the thickness of a quarter.

    *Most importantly, there is no metal involved in the design.

    The set is approximately 12 inches wide by 9 inches long and no more than 2 inches thick

    My dad had one of these years ago and he LOVED it, but he gave it away as a gift.  He has now been pining for it, but I cannot find it online.  I have looked high and low - no luck.

    Everytime I try to find a magnetic set, I find those little metal ones - ugh!  Not what I am looking for at all.

    If anyone thinks they know what I am talking about, please direct me to where they can be purchased.  I would totally appreciate this.

      -Desperate Daughter

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    Magnetic but with no metal in the design? Impossible. You must mean that the metal isn't visible.

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    joeydvivre wrote:

    Combining those two would require that the pieces and the board be made from fairly exotic organic polymers (at least if you wanted to play chess at room teperature - if you wanted to play at -175 degrees F, there are more choices but you would have to wear mittens when you played). This would definitely be a completely unique chess set, completely cool, and wildly expensive.


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    Check out some of the chess sets from www.chessmates.com. I purchased a chess wallet from them, but they also have folding travel sets that come with both standing or flat pieces. It may not be exactly the same as the set you want to replace, but the products are very well made. Good luck!


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