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What French books for a complete repertoire?

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    I've decided on making the French my primary weapon against 1. e4 after having not much success with the Najdorf. I recently purchased Simon Williams 2 DVD's on the French and enjoyed them greatly. But now I'm looking for some books to fill in the gaps.

    If any French players could recommend a number of books that would give a complete repertoire that would be greatly appreciated.


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    Attacking Chess: The French by Simon Williams

    The French Defence: A Complete Black Repertoire by Nikita Vitiugov

    How to Play Against 1 e4 by Neil McDonald

    Play the French by John Watson

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    Another good book on the French, but from the approach as a middle game book rather than an opening manual, is Tactics in the French by Gennady Nesis.  It gives you an idea on what to do after the opening is over.


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