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What type of board goes well with Blood Rosewood pieces?

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    Hi Everyone. I've got a HOS blood rosewood and boxwood Dubrovnik set of chess pieces. Finding it difficult to match them with a board. What can you recommend that would go well with them?


    My favourite combination so far is with a CB sheesham wood board and a CB maple/walnut veneer board.

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    Pink and buff vinyl.
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    Any board you wish, wood is the preference for wood pieces. Color matching or contrasting is strictly a personal taste. I like to "marry" boards according to their colors and at times contrast the colors to make them (the chess pieces) pop. I would use either of these 2 boards for the set you just picked up. Padauk and Maple or Purpleheart and maple, both are quite striking.nullnull

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    Yes it is personal taste. I was thinking that either of these two might go well. It would certainly be interesting.


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    This is the colour of the pieces.


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    Yes those 2 choices would make the Dubrovnik bloodwood set pop with contrast on the boards you've selected. A black and white board would do well with this set too. This one is a 2.25" Macassar Ebony and Maple chessboard sold at the chess store for just about a c-note.null

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    salcero nails it for good contrastwink.png

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    Hi.  I have one of those Red Ash Burl and maple boards (your picture here is of a green one-?) and I think it goes well with my padauk Chetak II chess bazaar set (roughly same colour as your pieces) - the squares of my board are "in the flesh" in contrast to the pieces a lighter colour than some of the photos on the CB site suggest (in the first photo half the board is in shade so looks darker!), but I'm happy with that differential (I prefer it).  I'd suggest the thing for you to consider is that, aesthetically, it makes for what I'd call an overall reddish colour palate to the set - which may or may not be what you want yourself.  The photos on the CB site do show that aspect up well. My board is glossy, I think they may come in matt as well and that would affect the whole look of it (my pieces are similarly glossy)

    Hope this helps.

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    Afterthought- personally I'd prefer a simpler style board, like salceros' photos, as your pieces are an unfussy design.

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    Thanks for your replies everyone. I'm avoiding red boards because I don't want to be overloaded with hot and red colours. In the end I ordered the grey board in the photo above and the result is striking. There is a lovely contrast between the board and pieces.

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    I imagine the red against grey is nice bravo👍
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     I agree, the gray with the red pieces must look nice.

    Pics! We demand pics!

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    Here are pics!


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    Some more.


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    Oh, wow! Very nice combination. The red really pops on that board.

    Beautiful set and board.

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    Thanks Rsava.....


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