What's the story behind the Colombian chessmen?

Borderschessman wrote:

Thanks, and sorry - no offence meant.

@Borderschessman, no offense taken... I’m still combing auction catalogs and other books looking for something similar to that set. I’d like to know it’s provenance too.  It’s a beauty!

zagryan wrote:
Hello chess friends,
What's the story behind the Colombian chessmen? Is it patterned after a particular set used at a tournament held in Colombia some years back? Many vendors carry them yet none fully explains its origin.
(Photo from ebay)
I like the extra details of the Colombian knight which almost resembles a racing horse, as well as the sharp angled bishop. The only chess pieces that seem to be of Colombian origin are those funny looking pawns seen in the streets of Bogota.
(Photo from theculturemap)

No, there's is no history of this set with Columbia. It happens to be crafted by Indian artisian Bhupinder Singh (Mandeep's Dad) who happens to works for Chopra chess(distributor). If chesspiece.com claims to this design, he might be right since HoS started working with Mandeep only after 2011.


@manfred_scriba_ms07 -Thanks for the info. It's now apparent the "Colombian" moniker was simply for marketing purpose.