What's your favorite ipad app for studing chess?

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    @pfren are you buying an abacus ;)

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    pfren wrote:
    Bronco70 wrote:

    @pfren are you buying an abacus ;)

    Ummm, no.

    I'm using a Samsung GalaxyTab P1000, running a self customized Linux (I could keep Honeycomb, which is much better than Apple's OS, but I prefer a completely open OS, where I can do whatever I like).

    Being constantly milked by Apple's "monopoly" is definitely not one of my interests.

    Sounds impressive. Do you have any chess programs on it? Or is it for work, home, or just for fun?

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    Chess vision trainer is one of the most usefull apps I have ever seen on New ipad or iphone

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    Chess Opening Trainer is very nice.

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    Shredder Chess.  Helps me every day.  Wonderfully powerful computer (it has beat the Chess.com cpu at highest level 2 wins, 1 draw).  Game saving feature is excellent.  Board customization.  Two player or one player.  Analysis mode helps me improve my game by going back after I finish and analysing.  Plus, it comes with 1000 chess puzzles (though most are not all that difficult)  and a rating system.  


    Take note though that its elo system is very skewed.  Although Shredder rates me at 2100 elo, I can only achieve a rating of 1700 on chess.com

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    Chess Viewer is my favorite.

    I study chess at home on my PC and create pgn files with games, variations and annotations.

    When I sit in the bus or train, I use Chess Viewer to browse through the files. It has no engines, but is great to repeat your studying files!

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    I'm wondering does anyone have any thoughts yet as to any noticeable differences between the new iPad 4 and the 3rd iPad? My wife has the ...

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    I just downloaded the e+Chess. Brilliant application. Now when reading you can see the moves instead of setting up a board.Makes the reading more fun.

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    My System by Nimzowitsch came out today on SmartChess $10

    I have not bought it yet so I can't say how it looks

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    We've just release Shakki (finn. "Chess"), a brand new Chess App for iPhone and iPad (Eastern offer 50% off until April, 10).
    We would like to hear from you and hope, you enjoy it :-)
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    Chess studio and chess viewer...these apps are the wave of the future. Many popular chess books are available for reading and playing along the games and variations.

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