Which opening trainer?

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    Does anyone have any opinions which is best (e.g. ease of use, effectiveness, customizability) out of the following software:

    - Chess Position Trainer

    - Chess Opening Trainer

    - Bookup

    Furthermore, if I have ChessBase 10, MegaBase 2009 and Fritz 9, is there any reason why I would also need opening training/analysis software?


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    I use and really like the Chess Position Trainer.  I have no experience with any of the other software titles you mention, so I can't give input on which is better. 

    There is also an openings trainer in Chessimo (formerly known as Personal Chess Trainer), but Chessimo is better at tactics and endgame training than openings (IMO).

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    I agree that CPT is excellent.  I would recommend at least trying it, because I find it very useful for storing and training in my repertoire.

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    ChessNinjaMaster wrote:

    I agree that CPT is excellent.  I would recommend at least trying it, because I find it very useful for storing and training in my repertoire.

    I just downloaded CPT and it works great. Practiced the KaroKahn for about an hour and it really helps.. Great Freeware....


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    You can run CPT on your iPad or Android as long as you have Wifi access. You can't use it while your wife is shopping (at least not if you accompany her), but at least while she is in the bath room :)

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    Is there a tutorial somewhere for CPT?  I downloaded it, did the Closed Sicilian and then asked, "Now what?"

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    There is not a video available yet (later this month), but there is a walk-through which you can find in the CPT 4 manual (about 80 pages).

    The program is good to manage your opening repertoire in an intuitive way by using folders, openings and variations to organize it (and a position database instead of games which ensures it will detect transpositions), train it efficiently based on a flash-card concept (automatically focusing on your weaknesses including a scheduler) and to run your played games against your repertoire. The latter will show you automatically where you or your opponent played a move not covered by your repertoire and can be a big time safer if you play online blitz games.

    On its own it won't teach you any openings. You have to either import PGN files or create your own from the scratch (or use a database created by someone else like an eBook in PGN format from a publisher). If you are serious about creating your personal opening repertoire and you read for example books about openings it is a great choice.That's the reason why I developed it for myself in the first place 2004.

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    Chess Position Trainer, could not have asked for a better program!

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