Wooden folding board with 2.5” squares?


Does anyone know if there are any wooden folding boards with 2.5” squares?


- Wooden

- Folding

- 2.5” squares 

Thank you in advance!


JLP Folding Chess Board 21"
This is not 2.5" Square but little less.


I own this board.  It has 2” squares, which is a lot smaller than 2.5”.


I need 2.5” square, not less.

thank you


@Geniemir The largest folding board I could find was 2.375" from House of Staunton but not 2.5". If you are wanting a 2.5" folding board. You may have to have it custom made. I highly doubt that you are going to find a 2.5" folding board on the market. 


How big are your pieces? for most tournament sets, 2" squares is just about perfect


@verylate I would guess 2" - 2 1/8" base for the King. That would be just about the right size of base to board ratio.


A folding box maybe, with room for pieces. Teocaltiche manufacturers make boards with pieces of various sizes. The "gigantito" brings squares of 625mm (like 2.5 in). Is hadcrafted, but is solid wood  (and it comes with a game of the well-known rustic Mexican pieces). 


That is not me; He is the master craftsman.


https://jiji.ng/surulere/sports-bicycles-and-fitness/leather-chess-hRzg3Xdqe1pFmxCgQaevFLLP.html?lid=3NBJNfS8baMR92ZK&cur_pos=1&pos=1&ads_count=122&ads_per_page=32&page=2 Look here, maybe you will find you chess board of your dream.


Thank you for replies guys.

The pieces I have are called Alexandria set from Staunton Castle. In Padauk.

The king is 4.5” tall with 2” base. The pieces themselves are on the bigger side, even for 4.5” king. 

2.5” squares is an absolute minimum.


Face it: There is no standard folding board with 2.5" or larger squares. So you can either have a custom board made, or buy a regular board with that size. saw it in half yourself and put hinges on it. wink.png - Even Chess House's "Stack Boards" end at 2.25" (https://www.chesshouse.com/products/the-stack-chessboard-tournament-edition).

Or, get a roll-up board.



and lighter color:




here you go. 2.5”

And they will even try to make the storage slots fit your pieces.