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xmas present

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    Hey fellow chessplayers,

    I am so happy right now. With a bit of my own money my girlfriend just ordered me a set of beautifull chesspieces.

    I didn't create this topic to brag, but I am so excited that I have to share it with people that can appreciate it and that is where you all come in :)

    Anyway, I had a hard time choosing but after a night of sleep this set, the knights especially, still stayed in my head. So I asked her to get this one for me.


    Now I only need to save up for a nice size 6 board that fits the pieces. Sorry to bother you all with this but I'm just to excited to keep it to myself Sealed

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    Very nice set and not bragging at all, it is exciting to get a new set and I always want to share too. 

    Hope the gf likes to play as well so you get some good use out of those beautiful pieces.

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    Thank you, she does actually, also a member of this site. But she is a very casual player. She likes the game, but doesn't love it.

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    Nice set of pieces, and I dig the box! I'm sure you will get some great hours of happiness playing with those.

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    Too bad more sets don't still come with a nice box like that. My very first set that my grandmother gave me about 50 years ago probably only cost $10 or less but came with a very nicely finished wood box. A lot of the reason I still have that set is due to having the box to keep it together in.

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    Wow! Those are beautiful! And I agree. There's nothing wrong with you sharing your happiness. Good for you!!! Enjoy it and have fun. Thanks for sharing.

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    Brag away dude! 

    Congrats on the new set, it looks beautiful.

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    Nice looking Chess set!

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    Dude, those are like the most expensive ones :) I know as I spent about an hour there looking myself.  I like those, i normally like a less flashy knite but those have class!!  I like this board http://www.chessbazaar.com/wooden-chess-board-ebony-shesham-wood-23-60-mm.html 

    I know its not a perfect match for the bud rose wood color of the black pieces but I think it would work well and is not to obtuse for such a fine display piece.  and the board is 12 lbs!   


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    Thanks mates (phun intended)

    Yeah, it is expensive to be honest. I'm pretty poor and never expected to own a chess-set in this segment. But because I can add a bit to the budget my girlfriend has it is possible. I really fell in love with those knights. I find them shockingly beautifull. The set can also be seen here: http://youtu.be/_jKj1bS79TU?t=55s

    I also find the 2 rings on the other pieces, daring. Modern, but stylish and a bit different.

    Before I buy a board I will need to save up a bit again. I like the board from the Polgar set. But I also like the glossy board in the video. Guess I have to give the board a good thought, but I have plenty of time. The board won't come before 2014 :)

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    Nice set, Wilbert! Enjoy. :)

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    Wow, that's a great looking set. Wish I would have saved my money instead of buying some plain old stauton tournament style pieces...

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    Thanks SneakyRussian. No worries though, I also bought a much cheaper set a couple of years ago that I have just as much fun with. This is just something I always wanted, just like I wanted a 'real' fender stratocaster.

    Btw, how's your chess going? I can see you have a nice chess mentor rating now! Keep it up!

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    @Wilbert Thanks for asking. My playing is still full of holes but it's getting better now that I found a local coffeeshop to play at.

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    Haha, I know how you feel!


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