Does anybody need help, i can improve your elo from 0 to 2000


I am Ilija Stanojevic (FIDE ID: 959995).
I would like to train somebody,i am close FM,
2239 fide standard rating,
4 times junior champion of my country.
I can share with you good materials
and knowledge because i had 2 strong
GrandMasters coaches.
If you are interested, contact me here
or via mail
btw first 2 classes are free,later,
if you want to continue
we can makedeal about €/h.
Wish you all the best in chess world. grin.png

Hi I am interested in learning
Ashiwoolf wrote:
Hi I am interested in learning

I am glad, i send massage in your inbox 

HAMID8285 wrote:

✋🤠 hello boys ⚘

Hello !


I'm interested in learning

KrishnaCharan1 wrote:

I'm interested in learning

I am glad, i will send you massage in inbox