Wrong move as best

In the "Attacks" series, under "Essence of Initiative" is a lesson titled "Endgame Initiative" rated at 2200. In this lesson, CC gives the correct first move as 1. Bh4 when the most correct move is 1. b5! After looking for a moment, b5 jumped out at me as it deflects white's queen and allows black's Rf4 to come into the game via b5 Qxb5 Rd4 or b5 Qd5 Kg1 Qxb5 Rd4. This is decisive for black and is a clearer continuation to me than 1. Bh4

both seem to be winning for black, personally the bishop maneuver given seems very logicalĀ 


Both are logical IMO, I prefer 1....b5 but that doesn't mean that the text plan is wrong. I guess my point is that 1....b5 is correct and points should not be deducted for finding correct moves that CC did not include for whatever reason. Of course, at the end of the day, ratings here do not matter happy.png