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conditional moves

  • #1

    I just made a mistake during my playing of a conditional move.  How do I erase the wrong move and play the correct one?

  • #2

    If it's already been played on the board, you can't. If it hasn't been played there is a delete button under the move list in the conditional moves menu.

  • #3

    I saw and pushhed the set of go back and go forward little arrows but nothing changed when pushed ?

  • #4

    my opponent has not played yet so my conditionals have not been played yet

  • #5

    I played a new set of conditional moves correctly, which set will be played if opponent playes the move that they both start with ?

  • #6

    Underneath those arrows you will find a box with 'Saved Line 1' and a delete button next to it.

  • #7

    You can't set two different responses to the same move, it will overwrite the first.

  • #8

    If you had already saved the move. I think it can't be deleted.

  • #9

    They can be deleted:

  • #10

    Okay then.


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