Exploiting Opening Errors 2


Hi folks!

Just looking for any feedback about my latest chess mentor course published in August, "Exploiting Opening Errors 2." I hope it's enjoyed and helpful, and if there's any good advice I can use it to make my future courses even better.



You did state that this was for stronger players, so I can't very well complain that it was too tough, but my 49% average score was a bit discouraging.  Definitely not a course for beginners.  I guess that my inexperience with most of the openings made it more difficult to get a feel for the positions.  Do wish you guys would either eliminate the alternative correct answers or give the main line correct answer as a reward for coming up with an equally strong move.  You have no idea how frustrating it is to come up with a good move, have it acknowledged as such, and then not be able to find the "correct" answer.  I do plan to go back over the course however and bang away at it until I can 100% it. 



I'm in agreement with baddogno mostly. 40% of my score being dropped for one wrong answer seems a bit much. A lot of the lessons featured relatively useless subtle hints, such as the "wrong knight" lesson. The subtle hint basically restates what led up to the position and restates what mistake you are looking at. On the other hand, in London goes down 2 the subtle hint is excellent. I didn't find the answer immediately because of it, but after I did the hint made perfect sense. The lessons themselves are definitely good for players trying to strengthen their opening skills. Maybe it would help to show the lines that led to the position?


Poorly written course in my opinion.  It doesn't teach in a constructive way.

The tone of the instruction in the course is condescending.  There is very littlle constructive advice about how to figure out what the best move is.  Many of the wrong answers say "this is a good move but your wrong" doesn't offer any advice on why the move isn't correct.  I went through the entire course and can honestly say I haven't really learned anything from it.  Unlike a lot of the other courses where I have learned quite a bit.