Looking for chess coach/mento


Hi everyone,


I am looking for someone to help me improve my chess. I would like to focus on understanding positional play, and how to create a game plan based on the imbalances after the openings. I would like to create an opening repertoire that fits my style best, and really create my own style of play. I enjoy longer time controls for regular chess, and just love playing crazyhouse, bughouse, and chess960, so if someone out there is really good at those games, please hit me up.


I will be honest about my budget, it isn't huge, so I won't be able to afford a person asking for $60 per hour. Hopefully we can work something out, I used to be a professional writer, editor, and proofreader, if you could use those skills in a project you are working on, maybe we can swap skills. 


Thank you.  


Love to help you out and if you can't afford my hourly rate of $60/hr we can work something out.


Send me a message and let me know.  Here is my website:  www.BughouseMaster.com




You will be hard pressed to find anyone with my Chess, Crazyhouse, and Bughouse strengths.  Choice is yours.

Hello, I’m a chess instructor, I do lessons using Skype and and an interactive board, and I can fit your budget, does $20/hour lesson work for you? Send me a message if you’d like set up a session.

I can help you just leave me a message~


      If you are willing to work hard I can show you how to do it alone without paying.I can guide you to the correct books and the correct ways to study  , I can answer your questions but you will be on your own most of the time. Chess needs a lot of personal work anyway .If you want "chewed food" or everything on the plate , I can't help you but careful who you will choose to pay , a good online rating means nothing.Especially  guys that brag about their bughouse rating is clear that understand nothing(or close to nothing) about chess training.


I coach beginning players rated 800-1400 my rate is $10 an hour, (However, the first lesson is free), my program consists of 30 minutes of tactics, 45 minutes of looking over games, and 45 minutes of playing chess against me and learning from your mistakes. We can move the sessions down to 1 hour if necessary. Contact me at josephbentley02@gmail.com if you're interested.

Hi DeirdreSkye could you please help me how to play meddle games i will be highly appreciated your help please🙏

I am giving a free chess lesson for you to see how I teach and if you like it you can hire me as your coach, we can work something out, I am over 1900 on blitz here and I am FIDE rated

I recommend a teacher called Ms.Tamsin Lode Dyen, who is from Myanmar and travels around the world teaching chess. She is a grand master and I was taught by her. My family members said my chess really improved after I was taught by her.

I am a National Master with 10+ Years of Teaching Experience, available for private and group lessons. To learn more about my chess services and general chess news, see www.premierchess.com or www.facebook.com/premierchess.


Cost is higher than $60/hour but I could use some writing services in exchange. Give me a call at 917 776 1306 so we could discuss options.