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no more lessons?

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    i have used the mentor page and found it helpful but now if i select 'more training options' and attempt any lessons regarding opening theory/principals i get a red message saying >>NO LESSONS WERE FOUND THAT MATCH YOUR TRAINING SESSION SETTINGS<<, i would apreciate any advice.

    i have emailed ches.com with no result.



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    It appears you may have exhausted all the possibilities for the Opening content already. If you choose other content which you have not attempted yet then you should be able to continue normally. Also you may consider changing your training mode from sequential to adaptive or the other way around.

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    Thanks Patzer,

                       that was helpful but disappointing as I imagined that it would be possible to view the lessons over again.


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    Can one do anything about opponents who clearly are defeated, then decide to 'walk away' and leave the game to time out!

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    I'm sure you've figured this out by now, Bob, but just in case.....  You can always manually select whateve lesson you want to review and go over it as many times as you wish.  Select openings and then click details under which ever course you want to review.  This brings a list of the lessons in that course.  Click on whatever you wish to review and you're in business.  Adaptive and sequential obviously have their advantages, but I prefer to pick and choose what I study.


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