Petroff's Defense: 3.Nxe5

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    After black plays Nc6-b4 (threatening white's bishop on d3), I don't understand why Qd1-a4 is not a reasonable response. (It checks the king and threatens the knight--the knight must retreat to block check, or be lost)

    Attempting it gets a generic "Save the bishiop or weaken e4."

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    AKO007 is the lesson #. Lesson title is the topic title.

    1. e4 e5

    2. nf3 nf6

    3. Nxe5 d6

    4. Nf3 Nxe4

    5. d4 d5

    6. Bd3 Nc6

    7. O-O Be7

    8. c4 Nb4

    Attempting 9. Qa4 gives "Save the bishop or weaken e4" with no further explanation. Forcing the knight to retreat with a pin on it would seem to accomplish this. (Though in thinking it through some more, it may not work as well as the correct move, an explanation would be good, I think)

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    Not actually threatening the knight, the bishop is defending it. Black can just play Bd7 and force the queen away.

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    Ugh, tunnel vision. Totally forgot about the bishop guarding the knight.

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