Purchasing Chess Mentor Courses


When Chess Mentor was first released, it had about 12 Modules.  Most were "Silman Teaches Strategy" and things like that.

Now I see that chess.com has about 100 Modules for Chess Mentor.

Were these new modules created just for this website, or can they all be purchased independent of this website?


Smoke Monster


I see back in October I completed 8 lessons of chess mentor. I cannot find out where to take more lessons on chess mentor. How do I access it?


@Karl ChessMentor.com has a software version which contains many of the      courses available on this site. 


@Manon You must have Diamond membership to use it. You have Platinum, therefore you can only do a 10 lesson demo. I would suggest buying 1 month of Diamond and if you don't like it cancel for a full refund.