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Repeat Chess Mentor Course

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    Hi folks. How do you repeat an entire course in Chess Mentor? I'd like to go back and work my way through all the lessons in a course, but I can't seem to figure out how. Clicking the link to one of the lessons in the course will take me to that lesson, but once I've bungled, ahem, solved it, the "next" button takes me to an entirely different course.




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    There is an link in the box with your stats from the lesson that says, 'click to review this lesson' -- click there and you can try again for practice only. 

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    Thank you for the response. What you suggested allows me to repeat the lesson, but not the course. The solution I've found is to go to the course page, then open each lesson individually. This is a bit tedious, but it works.

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    You can hit reset and that deletes all of your chess mentor history but that might be a bit drastic if you only want to repeat one particular course!

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    LOL thank you! I may just do that, since I'm brand new to the site. In the future it would be very, very nice to have the option to reset an individual course.

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    It is a bit annoying having to reset ones history to go through a course again but at least we can still keep track of our results by making a spreadsheet. Then you can track how many times you do a course, your % correct for each runthrough, time taken to complete the course etc. and get a long term look at your progress. Would be nice if it could be automatic but ah well.


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