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Rook and Other Endgames

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    There's some duplicates at the beginning of this course.  For instance ROE009 and ROE012 and ROE015 and ROE020 to name two

  • #2

    Maybe it is a memory test? :)

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    Heh :-)  A bit superfluous since you can redo any module as many times as you want.  The difficulty rating is different too for the same lesson.  The duplication goes on throughout, much like something got jumbled when loaded into a database or just loaded twice.

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    The earlier endgame course does the same thing, they are just trying to bang it into your head. Because really, how many of us would go back 20 times to do the lucena position.

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    I have the "Chess Mentor Comprehensive Chess Course" CD.  In the endgame courses, many of the lessons have variations.  On the version of Chess Mentor that you are using, these variations show up as separate lessons, thus the repetition.  It is annoying and I wish they would delete the repetitions.

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    Sorry for the confusion! Yes, I believe the duplicates and repetition was done on purpose for training and memorization purposes.

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    It would be much better if the repetitions would be deleted. It is very annoying because I do not want to solve duplicates and sometimes I spend some time on a lesson just to find out that I did it yesterday already. One should let the user decide for himself whether he wants to repeat lessons!

  • #8

    If you are spending a lot of time on a lesson you have already completed then you obviously haven't learned the concept, thus need to go over it again. (Hence the repetitions!) :)

  • #9

    I agree it's better without the built in repetition.  There are lessons I've done 7 or 9 times, but it is better to let me decide whether or not I know a problem


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