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Topic Suggestions

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    Oh and a course on the Pirc please !

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    I think it would be great if you guys did a course on Slav defense. This opening is one of the most popular at the moment, so it's a bit surprising that there isn't a course on it.

    I also would like to see a course on a Catalan.

    And more of Daniel Rensch, please =)


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    not all that surprising, given how long it would take to cover all the major openings via chess mentor courses, when we publish one per month, and chess mentor is not necessarily the best vehicle for teaching an opening. just covering one line of the scotch requires three courses for IM Rensch! and as you pointed out, there's also no course on the catalan-- and you could name a dozen other major openings that are not covered.

    not trying to be argumentative!!! i appreciate the suggestion and am definitely taking every one into account.

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    I think you're right David, openings are not Chess Mentor's strong point.  Chess Mentor is also one of my favorite parts of Chess.com.  I have the old disk version of it as well.  However, I think videos and articles and the game explorer are the best way to cover openings, but love chess mentor for endgames, tactics, strategy etc.  Thanks for the new endgame course and keep all those great courses coming.

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    Agree with the above poster - CM is (IMO) not the best tool for openings, while it is just fantastic for strategy concepts - would like to see more of them!

    Andrea - on his quest to tackle all CM courses, one by one Tongue out

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    How about a basic course on the Ruy Lopez?

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    Is there going to be a Bishop vs. Knight Part 2 soon?  I have gotten so much out of Part 1! And is the plan to have a Knight vs. Bishop as well? Or, is the point that bishop beats knight in the end game?

    Have a great chess day,


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    GM Bojkov has already pretty much completed part 2. However, we won't be publishing it for 2 more months, because we try to vary/rotate the material over the short term.

    i'm glad you were as excited about that course as i was :)

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    Hello David,

    What about "how not to blunder in the endgame" or just something about tactics?

    Your courses are awesome! ^.^    }:-P

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    thanks! :)

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    I just finished IM Igor Khmelnitsky's Improve your Decision Making in Critical Positions Chess Mentor course, and I have to say, I really enjoyed the course and found it tremendously instructive. That's been my  favorite course so far.

    I'd love to see more courses on the "critical positions" theme, with a mixture of opening/middlegame/endgame positions, just like that one, and some more courses from IM Khmelnitsky would also be very welcome.


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    dpruess wrote:


    Anyone out there have any suggestions for topics for future Chess Mentor courses?

     Yes, Actually, there are maybe millions of Courses you could get!

    You could try reading Attack and counter attack in chess.

    Good luck!

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    Ways to play for a draw.  Recognition of positions leading to a draw.  Principles of playing to a draw.

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    i love white

  • #117

    How about Chess Mentor courses aimed at 12 to 14 hundred or so?

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    yep, that's already on my list, woodshover!


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    dpruess wrote:

    yep, that's already on my list, woodshover!



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    woodshover wrote:

    How about Chess Mentor courses aimed at 12 to 14 hundred or so?

    Doesn't Chess Mentor already have lessons aimed at those levels?

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