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    dpruess wrote:

    hi Kotomitsuki,

    i have edited the mentor courses appearing over the last 3 years that i have worked at, but i'm not going to go back through hundreds of old lessons from before my time. it's too much work. :(

    Are the lessons computerproof now ( and if, since when )?

    If there are enough lessons with checked examples i would be interested.

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    One lesson that might be good for a lot of players is how openings relate to one another. That studying for instance the scotch can make a player better at the siclian due to similar themes. I recall a game played maybe 6 or 7 years ago by Kortchnoi in a tournament where a 1d4 opening transposed into  essentially a ruy lopez structure. I said Black was lost around move 18 or so and was laughed at by some amateurs. Black did lose because blacks normal counterplay was totally lacking and white was essentially 3 tempi up on typical attacking ideas. 

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    It would be nice if Silman's ROE course was cleaned : there are many duplicate lessons, which is a bit annoying Undecided

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    Something on closed positions which aren't necessarily blocked. I'm thinking of 'main-line' (i.e. dxe4) caro-kanns, slavs where dxc4 gets played, philidors, scotches, king's indians, and maroczy binds with exd4, frenches with dxe4, Alekhine's and Scandanavians, maybe some hedgehogs, etc. This class of position is not something that I see get covered a lot - sometimes you see 'oh white has a space advantage, with a small plus, but black is solid'. Fine, but how do you come up with PLANS for both sides? And this kind of position arises or CAN arise out of almost every opening.

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    Stonewall and/or Torre openings.

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    Is a series of courses CHESS MENTOR
      will continue?

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    new courses!?!?!?!?

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    I would love to see some excellent courses related to the sicilian najdorf as well as complex endings for 1800+ players

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    Has Chess Mentor improved for lower rateds since I've been away?

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    They have some new courses by Alexander King which are for beginners (even the ones labelled intermediate really).

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    Scottrf wrote:

    They have some new courses by Alexander King which are for beginners (even the ones labelled intermediate really).

    By beginners, do you mean how the pieces move? I'm slightly beyond that. I can't say I'm a beginner any more. I'm obviously not an intermediate. Just a crappy player.

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    Not that easy, just simple tactics etc.

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    Oh. Since I do them already, I guess I won't upgrade then. Thanks for the info. :)

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