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Hello, I would very much like some help :) x
hanoozy1 wrote:
Hello, I would very much like some help :) x

For a quick browse on your slow games, your play actually looks reasonable. But you're constantly reacting to your opponents move, I don't think you thinking about what they may play until after you play your move.

Also, move 27, you have a mate in two. https://www.chess.com/daily/game/189054738?username=hanoozy1 

You should examine every check, capture and threat from yourself and your opponent, even if they look silly.

On the next game this may be a bit deep but on e5 there's a huge hole you can put your knight in and not be attacked by pawns. Move 14, you go the wrong way. Ne5 you're threatening a fork by moving to f7, and supporting a c4 push.

This is how you should be thinking of pawn structure, nice spots for your pieces. Once you move your knight and play c4 you're opening space for your bishop and a rook can go to c1 and your lining up against the king.

Most of it is just safety checking though. Move 19 you play Qc1 presumably to protect the pawn when your knight is being attacked. 19. Ne5 and you're winning because black just can't defend the king when you have lines open to it.

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Hey I'm interested