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What is Chess Mentor and why this new forum?

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    @Erik : Is the chess mentor lessons finished or do you guys still add one new lesson every month??

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    i am playing on black's and its my turn to move..my pawn was blocked n i only have king to move so can i claim for the draw??????i have a doubt in these rule while others where saying it is white's win!!!!i without any second thought resinged declared the white's win

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    no, white win.

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    Unbeliever je napisao:

    Given as the problems range from 800's to  2200's (appx.), I do not think it is specifically geared toward players with little experience.

    Unbeliever je napisao: Given as the problems range from 800's to  2200's (appx.), I do not think it is specifically geared toward players with little experience.
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    where can i report a mistake in a chess lesson. I found a mistake in capablanca-Lasker, Berlin 1914-Advanced tactics. in the 4th or 5th move of the lesson it says that Kc6 is an innacuracy whenafter ...Ka8, white doesn't have to move his king foward to Kc7, white can instead push the pawn with c7 where the black king has to move to Ka7

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    What is the difference between the study plan and the chess mentor in terms of content?

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    I would love an unrated mode in chess mentor..

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    It's a learning tool,WHY do ratings matter?

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    Ratings on chess mentor are a bit different from regular ratings. They will help you select a course, since the courses all have ratings as well. 

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    Chess Mentor, especially when you are a premium member, helps a lot. I have been playing in a local street chess gang since September 2015. There is this guy who happens to be one of the top player of the gang, who I have trouble beating. Even with lots of training from September 2015 to April 2016 I never made progress against this guy. I started my premium account July 16, 2016 and shortly after I won 2 and lost 2 in a four game match against him. I continue the lessons religiously, do tactics, watch videos... no matter how boring sometimes it is when you dont really understand what is being thought to you. I also do blindfold training even if it sometimes cost me my life while driving (its really exhausting activity).

    Today, August 5, just 20 days of training, I beat the old guy fair and square. Two games in a row. The first one I controlled since the middlegame. The second one I lost the middlegame and then I defended well to achieve a draw position... and alas, I got a winning pawn endgame. In the second game I made many weird looking King moving back and forth just to arrive at the zugwang I foresaw many moves ahead. 

    For me this is great achievement! Therefore being a premium member really pays back.

    There are also some games here at chess.com that I find intriguing. I am making very good moves without me really thinking very hard. And sometimes I did not believed I made a good move until my opponent make a move and things gets clear to me.. hey I am winning.

    Chess Improvement. This is really the reason of why I wanted to be a premium member.

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    Where can i find this chess mentor in this app..??


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