Why not for free ?


Because it's a business that needs to stay in business?


Don't they get a trial when they join up say something like 1 or 2 weeks free premium ? 


Why aren't designer cloths free as every fashionable cloth wearer is not able to pay?

Why aren't computers free as every computer user is not able to pay?

Why aren't cars free as every person who wants to drive is not able to pay?


I have always wondered why Mercedes won't give me one of their cars because I sure can't afford one !  Wink


Youtube is free and there are tons of chess videos out there.   The same applies to google searching good chess articles, so you really have other options.

Chess Mentor is a whole lot more efficient about lesson delivery. The key in paying for something is that somebody else is giving you all of that good stuff and are guaranteeing the quality as well.


Mani, pause for a second and ask yourself "have I given anything to the society for free that had a huge impact on large number of people?"

Count your blessings that at least basic membership at chess.com is free which tens of thousands are enjoying.

The question to ask is, "how come chess.com is free for the even the basic members?"


This is a very deep question.  Do you have any other questions?


Become a titled player and you can access all of the premium features for free! Wink


NM is a title...national master

GM is a title...grand master


Like those.

ksv_mani wrote:


Why don't chess.com introduce Chess mentor for free as Every student is not able to pay :( 

Do you work for free?


Chess.com = hacker training ??? 

Lumberjack school = hacker training

ksv_mani wrote:
BlackWaive wrote:

Become a titled player and you can access all of the premium features for free!

Titled player means ?

 Wow... TOTALLY missing the point.

Mani - did you not pay any attention to any of the other posts? It seems as though you focused in on the one post that recommended you become a titled player (tongue-in-cheek I might add), rather than solicit meaningful advice from an entire community of chess afficionados.

Be thankful that there IS a forum where thousands, if not millions (someday, right?), of chess players can converge and work together for FREE!

See Chess.com for what CAN do for you; not for what you cannot access because you cannot afford it.

I am not a premium member, and I never will be. If you really think that using Chess Mentor is the end-all-be-all of chess learning, then you are in for a rude awakening anyway. No disrespect to Chess Mentor - I purchased it long ago, during the mid-1990's (when it was new), and it is a very good program... But I do not know of a single Grandmaster who has used Chess Mentor software exclusively to get from beginner to GM. There is much to be gained from simply being a part of the Chess.com community.

But I am sure this post, like others before it, will fall on blind eyes - the equivalent of deaf ears in the online posting community. Too bad...

You are standing in your own way, and until you realize that, you will forever be looking for handouts. Sorry to be so blunt, but that's the facts, Jack.


The internet is funny.


I am sure the titled players who write those chess mentor courses must be paid something. and we pay the site to pay these instructors. for instance IM Silman has more puzzles here than in all his books together (and they are all the same good quality). If you ask me, chess mentor is a bargain in comparison to the number of books you need to own to have so many exercises. Well, it will only be a bargain if you are willing to work through the exercises of course.


I think that ksv_mani has a valid point and I'd like to extend his idea.... when will Chess.com start paying me to solve their chess problems? Some of them are pretty darn tricky, so it won't be cheap.


I'll work for free when everybody else is. But until then I prefer to get payed.

sluck72 wrote:

I'll work for free when everybody else is. But until then I prefer to get payed.

 Knock yourself out !  I have no problem with people who wanna work for free and by all means we should ALL take advantage of such free labor !  I do have a problem with people who want/expect me to work for free !