2. Bc4 against Sicilian

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    I noticed that many players on my level play 2. Bc4 against Sicilian. I don't think it is the best move and I would like to know how should I then proceed as Black. I usually go with 2. ...e6 and then follow depending on position (which sometimes cause me to think for quite some time from the third move). Any thoughts?

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    I always play 2)...e6 when I come across this.

    Incidentally, when I saw the heading on your topic, I thought it was about 6) Bc4 in the Open Sicilian which is my favorite way to play it. Fischer liked 6) Bc4 also

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    Yes, e6-d5 idea...

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    I think e6 is unanimous.  Vie for control of the d5 square and blunt the diagonal against f7.

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    I am hoping you mean you play that in Bullet.  Even there it looks risky.

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    streetfighter wrote:

    There is nothing really wrong with Bc4 early for white - it's not the most testing but has been played by plenty of strong (IM at least) players.

    Here's a game I posted recently in my coaching group where I was maybe a bit lucky to get away with a win :)

    (If Bc4 had been played on the 2nd move I could have saved a tempo by not playing ...d6)


    True, but not really relevant.  Bc4 is fine against d6 Sicilians, when the d5 push just puts black a tempo behind.  But against any setup where black can blunt the bishop's scope with e6 and then play for d5 in one go, it's questionable at best, and an outright mistake at worst.

    That's why the blanket answer tends to be that 2.Bc4 is just bad, while 3.Bc4 is good "sometimes."

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    I disagree.  It is not completely irrelevant as it is a gentle push towards a better way of thinking for the 2) Bc4 players.  It was also an interesting game.  Plus we don't have a lot of Scottish masters so its nice to hear from them.Cool

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    Was played against Danny Rensch in the last live session:


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    AcivilizedGentleman wrote:
    Here_Is_Plenty wrote:

    we don't have a lot of Scottish masters so its nice to hear from them.

    It's not that you don't have scottish masters. They're just busy drinking.

    ROFL!  Besides which being Russian you would understand that drinking is as natural as breathing so a Scottish master can multitask and be on chess.com at the same time, if we had some.  In Russia though you have so many masters you can take them for granted; in Scotland...not quite so many.

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    when playing the sicilian as black I usually play nc6

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    If bishop c4 is played

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    "I play nc6 nf6 and e6 heading for this, has some nice tactical tricks."      In the line you mentioned, 1.e4 c5 2.Bc4 Nc6 3.Nf3 Nf6, white also has 4.e5. I think the usual continuation then is 4...d5 5.Bb5 Nd7. Black gets kind of a cramped position, but usually survives.

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    I did notice that Streetfighters FIDE rating, as opposed to his blitz rating here, is 2188.  Worth listening to.  Plus hes Scottish.Innocent

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    LOL, the thing about life is, everyone has one. Seriously Acivilized gentleman, you should realise (or at least be informed) that you are coming across as a bit of a d-bag. At least you are contributing to the thread though.

    About 2.Bc4 - I wouldn't play it, there's no real logic to the move, as well as some specific drawbacks as noted - but it's not immediately punishable. I've seen guys who play it to tuck the bishop back on a2, and it can become a pain there, even with e6. I mean come on, second move of a game, White develops a piece to a decent square - you can't say he's worse.

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    I think most people on here have serious doubts that Acivilisedgentleman:

    1) Is 18

    2) Is actually Russian

    3) Is going to pass beyond CM (or even make it)

    Also, I googled lask, and also came up with the Polish town and the Austrian football team.

    I am enjoying this though Laughing

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    Also, the contender quote is On The Waterfront (came up in a pub quiz I did tonight - coincidence!)

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    Bc4 isn't as bad as everyone thinks it is:

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    Well, I was on streetfighter's side until he said there isn't only one way to play chess.  That ticked me right off - why, I haven't completely figured out this one yet, and some bloody patzers are already trying to change the rules under which every World Champion has played.  Now there are other ways?

    Man, I'm getting too old for this stuff!

    But AcivilizedGentleman should hold the vitriol or change his handle, and note that appeals to authority are a typical logical fallacy.

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    Now, now comrade: play nice...

    Пусть всегда будет солнце,

    Пусть всегда будет небо,

    Пусть всегда будет мама,

    Пусть всегда буду я!

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