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4. Bc4 in the 3... Nf6 Morra Declined

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    Hi all,

    I don't remember where I first came across this line, but I was wondering what the theory on it is. Considering how little it is played, I would guess that there is something wrong with it, but I'm not sure.


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    6.Qh5+,Kg8 7.Qd5+,e6 8.Qxe4,d5 9.Qxd4,Nc6 now what? 

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    I guess there you would just move the queen back and accept being down development in exchange for the king's somewhat open position and the position of the h8 rook. I'm guessing White would, in some order, put his knights on f3 and d2, kingside castle, and maybe try for b3, Bb2, c4 at some point.

    As I said, I'm not sure what the theoretical assessment would be in any of these positions. But at least that position looks like it has more imbalances for active play (which is what SMG players usually look for), instead of the normal declined position where I can't tell how to attack for White.

    To Oran's point, I have seen 4... e6, but then 5. e5 is transposing into the main declined line except Black has played e6 instead of Nb6 (meaning White could possibly take the knight and play against the doubled IQPs or just play normally).

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    Any ideas?

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    Playing the normal alapin mainline is definitely preferable. In the most humanistic line, i do not believe white will acquire decent comp in this line. I think i tried to tell you why the other day, but we never got around to it.


    Now certainly, you should play 4.e5 instead of this. The positions are simply better. black is probably up a pawn for nothing in 8..dxc3 line.

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    4.e5 Nd5 5.Qxd4 is something I briefly glanced at and saw in Esserman's book. Take a look at the morra-declined chapters first.


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