a bizarre defense to the king's gambit

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    When I want to have fun in a game, I play the king's gambit, and I love to go for the Kieseritsky Gambit 1.e4-e5 2.f4-e*f4 3.Nf3-g5 4.h4-g4 5.Ng5?!-h6 6.N*f7.

    I know I know, it is refuted and blah blah blah... But that's not the subject. I recently encountered the following defense:


    And I found it terribly annoying: is there any way to push for an all-out attack (I don't mind if it is "slightly incorrect"), or to avoid this defense? Or do I have to settle for a miserable draw?


    Please tell me the king's gambit isn't dead... Cry

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    This is one of the variations that made me stop playing the kings gambit. As far as kings gambit being dead...

    For hundreds of years kings gambit was one of if not the most popular opening for the top chess players. After centuries of games with players getting better and better and the addition of computers it turns out kings gambit is not that great of an opening choice for white if black knows the opening well enough as black can get a resonable position himself by returning the gambit pawn.

    The opening is not dead, but it is definately an endangered species at top level play.

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    So you found absolutely no way to fight this defense?

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    i suggest the following. white seems to be ahead in all of these variations:

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    Thanks Trigs, I hadn't thought of the move 5.Ne5


    after 4...-e4 I used to play 5.Ng5 but my opponent then answered Nf6 and seemed to be ok.


    What would the strongest black answer to Ne5?

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    Nomenescio wrote:

    What would the strongest black answer to Ne5?

    i think black can play either 5...Nf6 or 5...Nxe5. white does seem to hold onto a slight advantage. here's some possible continuations.

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    Thank you for these games. Now I am wondering after 5...-Nf6, if we couldn't try to produce some sort king's gambit reversed with 6.g5!? This looks pretty dangerous for black, unless I missed a tactic:



    so black should probably not play 6...-h5, but they still have that big pawn mace that should prove dangerous

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