A Crushing Opening Against Weaker Players.

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    JariIkonen wrote:

    The french defence is bullcrap anyway.

    funniest joke of the day, good april fools joke.

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    Irontiger wrote:

    1- You Damiano line (#17) is completely lost for Black. I can take the white pieces against Anand using any software running on the NASA supercalculator and still win. Even maybe blindfolded.

    2- Your original Winawer line is a joke. Why would Black castle on move seven when there is 7...Qa5 ? And what is your devilish plan after 8...h6 intending ...c4 ? And why would Black play 11...Qa5 when obvious defensive moves exist, such as 11...f6, 11...Ng6 and (weakest of the three) 11...Nf5 ?

    So yes, a crushing opening against people that play stupid moves. I suggest for future investigation he following line :


    Freaking hillarious man!!! ROFLOL!!! Can't ... stop ... lauging!! :D :D

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